React Native Intro - Presentation at OpenDNS in Vancouver

I had a great time talking about React Native last night at the OpenDNS Open Late meetup. Special thanks to @vjeux, @ide, @adamcooper and @mikemartinson for reading over my slides beforehand. Also big thanks to @jsierles for his work on the React Native Playgaround, and @appetizeio for hosting the simulators.

I also wanted to note that although at times during the presentation I speak a bit harshly about other approaches to mobile app development, I don't mean them any disrespect. I believe that each approach has its own particular set of use cases and that multiple solutions can exist in harmony, serving different audiences and needs. The problems that I highlighted were issues that I personally observed and do not necessarily represent the opinions of my employer or any other organization that I am involved with. Take my opinion as a single data point and do your own research!